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    He knows the area and understands needs He also a good finder of investment opportunities. take responsibilities and he’s there when we Need him. Good job!!

    Sholem Kleinman


    Gleb is as real as they get. He makes sure the entire process is smooth and pleasurable.He is on top of everything so you can feel comfortable throughout the entire process with no unknowns. Hard to top Gleb whether you’re a buyer or a seller. A very happy home buyer, Manny

    Menachem Bialo


    Best realtor. He know the area an understand needs. He also good finder of investment opportunities. Take responsibilities and he’s there when we need him. Good job!!

    Sholem K.


    I purchased my place while traveling overseas. Gleb went above & beyond to make this happen & all docs were easily handled by him… never a need for face to face (unless I wanted or was available) meeting. For personal service, par excallance, utilize Gleb & stay away from the larger realtor firms. Gleb provides personal, reliable & a boutique service.

    Allen K.


    Gleb was very professional in his attention to every detail with the purchase of my townhome. He acted professionally and helped both seller and buyer conclude a very easy transaction. I will be recommending him and working with him for a long time to come.

    Robert L.


    Gleb Klioner was the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. He spent countless hours finding us our home that we now live in and love! He is a truly honest man with strong principles which are centered around taking care of the client first. He also helped me sell a condo and his guidance was excellent throughout the process. Unlike so many Miami real estate agents, he is very detail oriented and truly takes time to explain everything to the client.

    David S.


    Gleb was attentive to all my needs. He explained the process of showing my condo and how to prepare it. He took beautiful pictures of all rooms and all the perspective buyers commented how accurate they were. He negotiated a fantastic deal for both the buyer and I. He was there at the closing too! Both parties were very happy. Would use him again in an instant.

    Rhonda P.


    Making business with Gleb is not only a good thing, it’s a pleasure, you want to buy a house, and you get the best one with his help, besides that, you make a good friend, he’s always happy to help you and he takes care of your money as it was his own. He replies all your emails and picks up the phone whenever you call him. I totally recommend him!!! 🙂

    Dalia A.


    Gleb is highly professional, experienced, and very knowledgeable agent. In 2010 he helped me to acquire an apartment in Hallandale FL. Gleb provided highly professional advice on simple things as parking location and sunlight exposure (the other agents never mentioned it) to the complicated issues such as the property valuation and market outlook. Thumbs up.

    Tatiana B.


    This past March we bought our first home and Gleb was our realtor throughout the entire process. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with him. We chose Gleb because we were familiar with his extensive experience as a realtor and our choice proved itself to be a great decision.

    First off, Gleb’s professionalism and communication was impeccable – something that was very important to me – he always made us feel top priority, always answering my calls and/or calling me back within a very short time after I tried him.

    Secondly, his experience as a realtor really set him apart as he made us aware of so many small details that we never would have thought of – both common sense points as well as more industry knowledge. Without him we would have made several mistakes – instead the process was seamless.

    Thirdly, his honesty was nothing less than heart-warming. I felt like he treated us as if he would have treated an immediate family member. It was so obvious that throughout the entire time he only had our best interest at heart. For example, we were looking at one house that was significantly over our budget but one that we really loved and were ready to make an offer on. Gleb validated why we loved the house but made us aware of certain things that would have turned out to be problematic in the future. We kept looking and ended up finding the house that we eventually bought – one that we got in at below budget and had all the things that we loved about the much more expensive house.

    Finally, when making the offer and going through the process, Gleb’s calm yet firm composure kept us completely at ease throughout the whole time. There were some questionable moments coming from the seller’s side, but Gleb was highly effective in his diplomacy and was able to smooth through all the bumps in what seemed to be a miraculous way. In the end, we closed on an incredible price that I actually couldn’t believe was real.

    Overall, Gleb’s experience as a top realtor really shined through. I’ve recommended him countless times already since our purchase just a few months ago.

    Thank you Gleb for your incredible work!

    Toby W.